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My new puppy from Jdcfarmspuppies.com is a delight. Prissy (formally Emily) is full of energy and life. She came to me completely healthy and I could tell she was treated well. She has great temperament, s growing wonderfully and learns soo quickly! I love the fact that I can communicate with Donna (Bivens) whenever I need and she is always happy to help. Thank you JDCFP for my beautiful new puppy!!!"

The dog got here just fine. My flight was also delayed so it worked out perfect. We are naming him Gus. I'll send a picture later. My boys just love him. Thank you. 
Just thought you would like to see some pictures of him growing up. We have a lot more if you would like to see them. I would also like to tell you his temperament is amazing. He is such a gentle dog. But love to rough house too.He gets a lot of exercise and has a great diet. He's been socialized to the fullest and never agressive. He is hands down the best dog I've known.
Sadie is so pretty!!
The Richaeds baby boy.
Hello Donna,
I was actually just thinking of you the other day. I'm glad you wrote. Aston and I are doing well. He still has that puppy spirit. And according to my neighbors, he's the building's cutest resident pooch. Other than a tick he got while spending a weekend on a ranch last October, he has been an example of health and has had no issues. (I had him tested for lime disease and thankfully, the results came back negative) Aston still has some learning kinks to work out(as do I), but he is smart and overall, has been a very good dog. Anyway, I hope this finds you well too and again, thank you for everything you did in providing me with such a great companion. I have attached some pictures(I hope they are not too many), I hope you enjoy. Sincerely,
Hey Donna,

Ruger (Dozer) is doing great! I cannot believe how quickly he has grown! Almost 9 months now and I am constantly getting comments on how big he is. He is definitely a puppy at heart and has a ton of energy when playing. My 7 and 9 year old sisters spend hours with him in the yard when he's not at work with me. We unfortunately had to put our other American Bulldog to sleep on November due to cancer, so Ruger is now the alpha dog of the house. He loves sleeping in and snores louder than most. Aside from the occasional chewing up of beds or garden items, he has been a perfect pup and a joy to have around. I hope this email finds you doing well also.
On Thursday, February 21, 2013
Thought I would send you a updated picture of him
Thank you for asking and yes we are all doing great, they are both around 85 lbs but Tyson looks like he could get alot bigger.  Tyson sure is a handful, but he gets away with everything because he is just so cute.  I take them both to the local dog park and they do great with other dogs and people and this summer I am gonna start Isabella in dock diving classes, she absolutely loves the water and swims in my pool every day.  I have a few pics but they are a couple months old and I will send more recent ones when  I can.  They truely are great dogs and I am so happy with them, thanks chris

Heidi is doing great! She has gotten so big.  She weighs 18 pounds and a month ago she went through surgery since we had her spayed. She also all up to date with her shots.

She recently graduated from puppy obedience class ;) 

Attached are some recent pictures of her she is a great dog the girls and I love her! We are still trying to get her housebroken since from time to time she has accidents, but all in all, she’s doing fabulous!

Hi Donna!Crystal is doing wonderful! She has gotten so big and is very healthy. She is such a joy to have she is extreamly affectionet, sweet and loveable. She loves to cuddle and play. She's such a good girl we love her to pieces!
Hi, Donna.

We are all doing good. We changed Fiona's name to Miah (my-uh). She is very good natured and loves to play but is not overly hyper, which is nice. She has learned how to fetch and shake hands. I have attached some pics of her.

Thanks, Cyndie
She is doing great and now has a brother (a border collie mix).  Max is now 55 lbs a lot bigger than Abby.Abby is so stubborn, quick, and smart.  Shortly after we got her, we fenced in the yard and had to also put a bar at the bottom of the fence.  I actually wasn't afraid of her getting out as much as her getting stuck and getting hurt.  We have two doggie doors so they have the freedom of going in and out as many times they want. 
Hi Donna, Lovely to hear from you. Darcy (Sugar) is doing really well, and being her cheeky self each day. Sheloves to eat, so we are careful she does get too much. She recently was spayed, which didn't seem to bother her at all, other thanthe guard she had to wear, her energy didn't change much at all. She is very playful and loves to be around the kids. I have attached some photos for to see her in action, unfortunately I don't​ have any of her in the snow, which she love to play and sniff in. Veryfunny when she sniffs too hard and then sneezes the snow..... We love her very much, she is definitely part of the family. Take care.
I thought you would like to see a couple photos of Jolie as she gets bigger! She has been such a good dog!Thanks again!
Hi Donna great hearing from you. Stella is doing great!!! 
Hi! I was thinking the same thing that you should see how big he has gotten! We have successfully house broken him and we also got him neutered and everything went really well. He is definitely apart of our family now we couldn't imagine not having him. :) The picture of him with the older beagle is my in-laws dog and he loves him. My in-laws said that they should've gotten his brother but I'm sure he has been sold a long time ago!
He is doing great. I really like that you wanted to follow up. He and my other bull are inseparable. He's been easy to train and is a critical part of the family. 
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Hi Donna,

We ’re all doing very well €”Heres a picture with her big step-brother Kingsley right after waking up from a nap. She€™s a bold one, and has no fear diving into play with him as well, as you can see from this other picture.

Hope all is well with you,

Hi Donna,
Nice to hear from you. Everything is wonderful! Cody, as we like to call him Rumplestilskin, or mr. skin, rumple, moose, skinners ..he so intelligently responds to them all, has been such a blessing to Tim and me. He is so smart and energetic, not to mention affectionate! He loves loves to play fetch and play tag with other dogs..its so cute. He certainly has his moments of getting into trouble, but he is very personable and is always happy! Here are a few pics from his birthday.I hope all is well with you.
Just wanted to say he is doing great so far still working on potty training but he's a baby he'll get the hang of it. He's so sweet and love able. He's been playing with his new friend (out chihuahua) and our kids and has been getting lots of love from us and our family (we had a party) lol. We also changed his name from tank to Elvis (the king). Everyone loves our boy!! Thank you for giving us such an awesome amazing new family member
Hi Donna,Kylie is the best dog. My kids say that she is too spoiled. we all love her so much.i have attached some pictues for you. Kylie has an instagram if you want to follow her it is kyliegirl15. Feel free to contact me anytime I am really happy that i have Kylie in my life.
Hi Donna, sorry i didn't get back to you sooner. Daisy(Sandy) is doing great, she loves it here as much as we love having her with us.  She's  home broken and is very playful and obedient. 
will send you more pictures. But that's the first thing we did take lots of pictures. He was so excited to see us. My husband, son and I are very thrilled to have him he is just so cute. Thank you very much. Keep intouch and we will do the same.
Hey donna just an up date brady is now 8 months old and is part of the family, he weights 26 pounds and vet says he'll go to 30 to 32 pounds we kept his name the same Thanks  Randy Jacobowitz
 I purchased a little guy from you this past February (Magnum - not sure if you remember us). I wanted to tell you that we have had the best experience with him that I could possibly ever ask for. People stop us wherever we go to tell us how cute our pup is or ask where we got him. He is such a joy and the best thing that ever happened to us. So much so that we want to get him a friend to play with and wanted to hopefully get another puppy from you. 8-25-2013
Hello Donna,
we bought an american bulldog from you about 7 months or so ago. We drove from Hudson, Wisconsin to come pick up our baby. We changed his name from "Jack" to "Franky". He has been the best purchase we have ever made! Who says you can't buy love?! He sleeps with us every night and snores louder than my fiancee! He comes everywhere with me....to work, to the store, to the coffee shops, i mean everywhere! I can't imagine my life without him!!! We also have a 6 year old poodle mix named Henry. Henry is only 25 pounds and Franky is already 95 pounds at 7 months old! It's funny to see Franky is NOT the dominant one....Henry is! Just wanted to give you an update for your testimonials.
Here are some pics!

Joe and Andrea

Hi Donna!
My name is Bri and I got a Puggle puppy from you back in 2013, his name was Dusty! Well, now he goes by "Barney" and I wanted to send you a note to thank you again for everything. You made the whole process just wonderful for us.
We couldn't love our little guy more!! He has the best temperament and is such a huge joy in our life! My 5 year old Puggle, Lola, took a little while to get used to Barney (I guess because she was the "only child" for so long, she wasn't used to having to share the spotlight!) but now they love each other--they play & snuggle all the time and are best buds.
Thanks again for all your help and for sending us our precious boy--we can't imagine life without him! Here are a few photos of Dusty/Barney, all grown up :-) Hope you are doing great!
Hi Donna! I just wanted to send you a picture of Milo so you can see how big he's gotten and how handsome he is! Again, thank you so much for giving us this precious guy! He has the funniest personality and always makes us laugh! We took him to take some professional pictures a few weeks back and the company ended up having a contest and Milo came in second place! Hope all is well. 

 Warm regards from California!
 - Milo and Camila 6-29-2016
Drogo 2 years old