We put a lot of love and care into our puppies!We specialize in breeding and selling NKC registered   American Bulldogs, UABR Beagles.  Our puppies are all started out on pro pack puppy with yogurt mixed in it. They not only love the yogurt, but it is also loaded with calcium and is great for their digestion. By the time they leave here they are weaned from the yogurt and it is a snack.  We keep it simple as far as feeding goes. We don't offer our puppies store bought treats, they are loaded with preservatives and tend to upset their stomach's. If you ever encounter loose stool or constipation a bit of canned pumpkin should help. Our puppies receive a 5-way vaccination (parvo, distemper, parifluenza) around 6 weeks and 8 weeks of age. I give the 5 way vaccination at that time to avoid them from being over vaccinated. They should never have a 5-way within 10 days of each other. I do suggest a 5 way booster no later than 10 weeks of age and there 3rd at 12 weeks of age. At 12 weeks they can receive their rabies shot. Please understand that it takes boosters to get them to full immunity. I strongly urge you to limit your new puppies access to strange dogs until it is 12 weeks old and has had its rabies shot. Please keep in mind that the vets office is where people take their sick pets. I always keep the puppies in the carrier or my arms when at the vet. The scary diseases such as parvo can be avoided by doing this. All of our puppies receive multiple wormings and a course of Albon before leaving for their new homes.

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If this is your first time adopting a puppy online you may be wondering, How does this work and what do I need to do? First, you need to decide which puppy you would like to adopt. Then email me and ask for more information on the puppy you have chosen. I can also send you a picture of the puppy with your name by him/her if you would like. Once you decide that you want the puppy I will send you a pay pal invoice. If you don't have a pay pal account, you can go to www.paypal.com and set up an account or you can send a payment with pay pal as a one time guest. If you are not interested in setting up a pay pal account, another form of payment that I accept is Walmart money grams or you can over night a money order. If the payment is going to take a few days to clear or you are sending a money order I will put the puppy on hold until I receive payment. If I send a pay pal invoice I ask that you send payment asap as the puppy is not considered sold until payment is received. I can not hold a puppy long without a deposit. If you are adopting a puppy and it is going to be a few weeks before they are shipped you can make a deposit of $300 then the remaining amount has to be paid before flight arrangements are made. The $300 deposit is a non refundable amount. If you adopt a puppy and there are a few weeks before they are shipped I will send you updated pictures of the puppy every week. I do this as a courtesy to the purchaser. I will then need your name, address, phone number and the name of the nearest major airport you want the puppy flown to. This information is needed for the flight and vet exam on the puppy. We only fly on Tuesday and Friday because the nearest major airport is 6 hours from us. I will receive the flight information for your puppy 5 days before they are due to be shipped. I will relate this information to you as soon as I get it. You will need to bring this information along with some form of I.D. to the baggage pick up counter at the airport. They will hand you your little girl/boy there. If you wouldn't mind, I would appreciate a call or email from you letting me know that the little one made it there safe. These are my babies first and I do like to know that they have reached there destination safely. I do want this to be an enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones. I look forward to placing a little bundle of joy in your home and life.